Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Read the Holy Qur'an in your mobile phone

Nowadays, technology can reach any side of the world. Mobile phone especially is very usefull. Now you can read Qur'an on the mobile phone

Did you ever read that prophet family and friends always read Qur'an minimal 1 juz everyday?? may be we can't to be like them, but at least we have to try to do that... this is information for you to install this application .

specification :

1. Name : Quran

2. Size : 330035 byte

3. version : 1.0

4. vendor : AmarMobile

5. Platform: Java (J2ME)

with it you can read Qur'an every where, don't waste your money to buy electronical Qur'an, you just nedd to download it at wap.getjar.com

the steps:

1. open wap.getjar.com

2. choose Software by Device

3. choose mobile phone manufacture

4. choose mobile phone type

5. click change category

6. click games, then choose one type of games, ex : action

7. If you found Quran, click there

8. download then install

I wish we will be read Qur'an more.